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Did you RAOK anyone today?

June 9th, 2006 at 10:47 pm

I found some great coupon booklets and picked up a healthy stash (is it possible to not be greedy when you find good coupons?). I picked up enough for my own use and to add to trains etc.

But today I brought in a bunch of the books for 2 of my coworkers. There is a coupon in them to save $5 off one of those pricey vitamin products. It feels nice to pass the savings along to people

I also sent out to RAOK envelopes to two people on the coupon groups I'm on. One was expected - I had corresponded with her about what she was looking for. The other one was based on a posted wishlist.

It feels good passing on RAOK's that people have sent to me. I have to love getting the warm fuzzies. I think too, that by doing I help make my own luck. What comes around goes around.

So did you RAOk anyone today? Do you make a practise of RAOK'ing

1 Responses to “Did you RAOK anyone today?”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    yes and yes.

    I make it a point to talk to the manager whenerver I get good service...at the bank, a restaurant, a department store, etc.

    Yesterday I left dollar coupons next to items that I chose not to take at the grocery store (this idea came from this site.)

    I have a goal of 4 of these per week....(I only leave my home once or twice each week- as I work from home.) Love doing them (I call them FRAKs Frugal, random acts of kindness)

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