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More good mail and a stupid debit purchase

June 14th, 2006 at 05:43 pm

More good mail today. An envie of coupons again! Someone was more than generous with me. Cheered me up after a busy stress filled day.

Went to buy GT tea on the way home. He likes Typhoo Tea (decaf). I brought in my debit card cause that stuff is pricey. Dang store didn't have it. Not many stores do. I'll bring him the rest of what I have and make a note to buy some next week. As I was walking through the store I saw they had raspberries on sale for $2.00 for wee little container. I splurged. But had only grabbed my debit card and keys when I went into the store. The cashier was a young fellow who was incredibly sweet. He said not to worry about it he's done debit on a 25cent can of pop!

1 Responses to “More good mail and a stupid debit purchase”

  1. elgin526 Says:

    Don't feel bad, $2 is my minimum for debit, so in my book you just made it!

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