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Out of control coupons - and it gets worse!

June 20th, 2006 at 06:24 pm

I am drowning in coupons!

I try to put them all in one spot. But like pens they escape from said spot and end up in all kinds of unlikely spots. And they tend not to be where I want them to be when I need one.

I have coupons I'll use, I have coupons for trading. I have expired coupons that seem to refuse to end up in the garbage. I have coupons that are organized and I have an unending (it seems) number of coupons that seem to be scattered thoughout the house.

I'm almost ready to dump them all and start afresh. Almost but not quite.

Can you tell I'm going through paper stuff and seeming to find coupons all over the place.

Oh, and while going through my coupons I realised I left my 'bring to the store' stash of coupons with my boyfriend and I'm not going to see him until friday. Then again with all the mess around here I should find at least a couple for the sales I wanted to catch this week!

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