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Lunch with the Gang at Work - So Not Frugal

July 10th, 2006 at 08:52 pm

Today we ordered pizza in at the office. Seemed like a good idea since there was a thunderstorm outsidde.

I had 2 slices of pizza. Cost me $10. $8 toward the pizza and $2 for lottery tickets. No I don't quite get the lottery ticket part either - something about getting tickets as it was easier than giving change. The pizza was good but at $5 a slice hardly a deal. If I ate more I'd have been eating more for the sake of it.

And 2 weeks ago. Lunch out to say goodbye to a coworker who is leaving. I put in $20 for my lunch and my portion of her lunch. I had a BLT and coke. Hardly near $20 even with tip, tax and the lunch contribution. No change given back.

I like doing things that add to the team spirit etc. But these last two experiences have been pricy.

1 Responses to “Lunch with the Gang at Work - So Not Frugal”

  1. ima saver Says:

    I think I would forget about lunch with the gang, and bring my own.

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