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Made money with a pyramid referral contest

September 13th, 2006 at 11:07 pm

I don't normally do those refer friends and get rewards type of promotions. No thanks. That's a great way to lose friends. And it banks on your friends refering people too. A pyramid scheme of sorts.

One of the drugs stores up here has a loyalty card. You get points when you spend money at their store.

They have all kinds of promotions. The last one was a "refer your friends and family" promotion. For each direct and indirect referal who spent $50 on the THE day you got 2000 points plus 20X points on whatever you bought. Maximum 100,000 points from referals. Create a pyramid of friends and make them all spend money with us on this day!! Woo Hoo!

Well I joined a chain of referals through a message board I'm on up here. The owner of the board organized everyone into three lines (was meant to be two but it ended up being three). She had a member of the Board refer me then she gave me another members name to refer under my name. I sent it to a couple of people that I know but while a couple signed up I don't think any spent any money that day. My friends aren't the sort to get all excited about these sorts of things

She (the owner of the site where I got my referal and who gave me the one referal to do) did one damn good job doing this. I spent my $50. Got 11000 points from that. I ended up with 100,000 more points from referrals. Somehow I managed to have 50 indirect and direct referals each spend their $50 that day. For total of 110,000 points. I actually had some so I have 120,000 points

They have a bonus on this weekend. Spend 75,000 points and and get $200 off your purchase. 40,000 gets you $100 off your purchase. Usually you have to spend more points to get that level of savings so this is a very good dealYou can use these for almost anything in the store. Its a large drug store - think Eckard or CVS or Walgreens. That type of chain.

Cost to me $50
Benefit approximately $300 in free merchandise.

Savings approximately $250

Now to figure out what to buy. I'm stocked up just having spent $50. They do these periodically so maybe I should wait til the next one to cash them out.

Or I can buy some Christmas presents in advance. Too bad you can't use them for gift cards.

Such a horrible stress to have eh?

2 Responses to “Made money with a pyramid referral contest”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Wow that's sounds interesting! Good on you...oh such troubles! Big Grin

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I'm impressed.

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