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$4,500 or more ....free for 14 days

September 19th, 2006 at 06:26 pm

Citibank just sent me the most interesting offer. They want to lend me money. $4,500 or more depending on my credit. If I return all the money they lend me during the first 14 days I can return it with no fees, charges, hassles - Guaranteed.

Its tempting. But I can't think of anything to do with it where I'll still have it all two weeks later. Putting it in the bank and earning interest is an idea but seems more trouble than its worth.

Maybe I'll call up the manager of the branch and ask her as her name is on the personal letter they sent me. She might have some ideas of what to do with the money for 13 or 14 days - I mean she is a branch manager and everything - they are supposed to be smart aren't they? I'm sure she'd love to sit down with me for an hour and brainstorm ideas....

I also woulnd't mind asking her why something so important got sent by addressed admail and not first class mail. I mean they printed "Priority express" and "UrgentNoticeRequired" on the envelope.

Dang, I'm too busy to do this. But it is tempting....

1 Responses to “$4,500 or more ....free for 14 days”

  1. bennyhoff Says:

    If you take a CD rate of 6% (which is hard to come by today) and calculate it for $4500 for 14 days, you only come up with $11.25. That hardly seems worth the trouble (and could cause much more trouble depending on the fine print of the offer). If you are interested in this type of thing, you need to look into making 0% bank transfers from credit card offers. There are a number out there where you can have the money for a year or more. For a year at 6%, you would get $270 for a year. Now that amount of money is worth the effort. I'm currently making ~$200/month right now doing just that.

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