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It was a nice day

January 20th, 2007 at 08:49 pm

It was a nice day. After a leisurely coffee and breakfast I headed up to the place I had my hair done in Oct - and the same girl was available and no waiting. After some discussion about the colour. She wanted to do my hair mahogany red and I wanted it mahogany brown. We ended up with mahogany brown.

It is really dark Smile Even with brown tones my hair ends up lightening and gold highlights come out (total mystery as my natural colour is dark "blah" brown) - anyways its a bit darker than I'd like right now cause of it's tendency to lighten. I have very dark eyes and brows - my complexion is better with dark hair - which is why I just don't dye it blonde - besides I'd look brassier than a hooker from the seventies *grins* if I did that ..

Anyways got the colour and cut and then headed over to the nails place. Again no waiting. Had a pedicure and then a waxing. First time for waxing at that salon for me. I was very pleased. Much cleaner than the other place I was going to so I'll be going here in the future. The price ended up cheaper than at the other place too - so I was happy about that too.

Then when I got home I did some cooking for next week. Barley Pilaf and Home made shake and bake chicken are done. Some Southwest chicken is in the crockpot. I have a couple of other dishes to make tomorrow and then i should be good for a while - woo hoo!

My big push on cooking ahead and putting into portions is really working nicely for me. I'm eating at home and I'm eating good food (as opposed to convenience foods) yet because I prepare ahead its as easy as a TV dinner when I get home from work.

1 Responses to “It was a nice day”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    I bet you look FABo!!

    Good work on that cooking ahead dealywho - wish I could wrap my noggin' around doing it!!

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