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Paid Back and the gift was a success

February 1st, 2007 at 04:41 pm

We gave the gift to your teacher after our mid-class break. She was very surprised and touched by the gift. The teddy bear was a real hit - I'm glad I added that as a last minute thing. She really likes the Aveeno products we got her as they are very mild and moisturizing.

And on a nice financial note - one of my coworkers collected $7 from each of the people in our department who she has taught and gave me that money. Woo hooo! Other than my time and my contribution this wasn't as unfrugal as it felt last night when I forked out the entire amount for the gift.

I'm glad I'm learning the lesson of being both frugal and giving. There are times when one has to be frugal to get through life - but once certain issues (debt, earning enough income) are addressed then once has to balance the monetary and the spiritual.

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