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Raok Wh&*ring

February 6th, 2007 at 09:38 pm

I am in a small group with a bunch of ladies who coupon. It is a small group and from what I can tell the people are all good people.

I've been sending out a ton of RAOK envelopes (Random Act of Kindness)to people in that group with coupons in them that are on their wishlists. This has made me feel wonderful. Mostly they are coupons I'll never use or ones that greedy me found a lot more of than I'll ever use *oink oink*.

Honestly the warm fuzzy when I get thanked is great (I don't put my name in it but usually they'll figure it out as I do put my return addy on the envelope), and is worth way more than the cost of the postage in "warm fuzzies"

I got a note from one of the girls with $3-$4 in stamps (I never did count them) with the note .. "gotcha - this is to help you with your raok wh*&ring. I have not laughed so hard in a while. She made me feel so good about what I am doing and is only encouraging me to do more of it. Which might have been her idea. Seeing I found a few coupons tonight that I know a couple of folks are looking for - it won't be a problem to use up those stamps, LOL

One of the other girls on the list sent me an envie today with a free product coupon in it for a product I use all the time. My is it ever nice to get mail like that!

Oh and on a related note, I've found Staples in their clearance section often has fancy envelopes marked down to good prices - I've found some pretty ones for a good price. They aren't shiny-shiny but they are pretty-pretty.

1 Responses to “Raok Wh&*ring”

  1. KEALINA Says:

    i like RAOK's too... i also think of it as finding stuff it's rightful home... i hate tossing useful things and instead love finding them new homes where they will be used...

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