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Happiest person at the License Bureau

May 25th, 2007 at 08:47 pm

I was almost giddy at the license bureau today. I had to go there to replace my license (I think I threw the new one I got out and kept the old invalid one).

1. It was only $10 to replace my card

2. It is a picture license but I didn't have to get a new picture. This is a big deal when you go there on a friends bike and have major helmet head hair.

I got off easy. The new license cost me $60 in Oct - I had figured I'd have to pay that amount this time again as a "pay up cause you are stupid and lost your card" tax! They didn't need a new picture cause thanks to modern technology they already have my picture scanned in and will use that one.

Of course now the "thought thrown out" license will mysteriously reappear but that's just life right?

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