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Busy Day

October 14th, 2007 at 11:23 pm

Got more of my fiesta unpacked and am trying to figure out how to display it nicely.

That made a ton of mess (unwrapping, boxes). Got rid of that.

Errands today included to the nail place to get a nail fixed. Two nails fixed and new polish and the total was $7 - less than I expected

Then to drop the car off at crappy tire. Guess on a 2000 Saturn with 197000 you can expect stuff to go wrong. Break light is out and i think its more than a wire (the other place tried to fix it and weren't able to. They also told me my oil pan was leaking.

On top of that my plats are expired a and I need a drive clean test done ASAP...

Tonight I few to Montreal And now I am having trouble sleeping.. ick

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