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Buying lipstick - just when was this stuff made?

June 10th, 2006 at 09:29 pm

Lipstick needs to come with an expiry date on it.

I bought some lipstick the other week. My colour, my preferred brand, on sale, and it was indicaed that there was a coupon in it.

Open it up and bonanza .. not one coupon but two.

Read the coupons. OMG. This was bad. The coupon copyright date was 2004. The coupon expiry date was 2/28/05.

Just how old is this "new" lipstick?

I wrote to the manufacturer today to ask. Also asked for new coupons. And asked if the lipstick was safe to use.

These people, a large firm, that sells internationally have this wonderful form that you fill out to contact them. You get 255 letters to make your comment. WTF? Their servers can't handle a longer email? Their customer service people have short attention spans?

I am totally annoyed now

3 Responses to “Buying lipstick - just when was this stuff made?”

  1. veronak Says:

    Good for you, in writing the manufacture. Most people would not even bother

  2. campfrugal Says:

    Normally, most makeup's have a shelf life of 3 years unless this is an expiry date on it. For most of the makeups and skin care lines with antioxidants in them, you will find an expiry date. Good for you to write to the manufacturer, even though it may not be their fault, but the store itself for stockpiling their makeup and then selling to customers. You should also let the store where you bought it from know about the problem.

  3. Joan.of.th.Arch. Says:

    I can verify that at least some lipstick can go bad. I had one that went bad. It smelled musty, as if the oils had oxidized. It seemed a bit gummy, too. Yuck.

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