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Just try to use coupons and price match at Walmart - dare ya...

September 19th, 2008 at 12:29 am

Monday I tried to pricematch and use coupons at walmart. The "cashier police" stopped me from doing that as that's one deal on top of another .. and once can't do that. Since I've done this many times at Walmart I let them reverse the items (all 9 boxes of cling wrap) and just bought the other items I wanted.

I didn't feel like waiting around for a manager and the supervisor (err.. other employee?) had backed up the cashier's statement.

So when I came home I sent walmart an email asking for clarification of policy.

Today ... manager at walmart called. Assured me the cashier was wrong and i was right .. and that they have been SPOKEN TO (uh huh). One can use coupons on price matched items.

So I asked if I could come by tonight and do it with no problem - he assured me I could and I have the name of the manager and the assistant working tonight.

My guess is that emails to head office get logged and the manager gets a black mark for them and a really big black mark if I have to write another email tonight. He assured me that I should phone him if I run into any other issues and he'll handle it "quicker than head office".

Still he was very nice and I did get his phone number.. just in case. I'm keeping that number.

So on the way home I go there and get my cling wrap.

Got to the cash, not a bad line up.. only two in front of me though dyno-boy on cash is straightening the baby clothes on the hangers before he takes them off of the hangers (it was interesting to watch...). Anyways the customer service manager - hey it said so on her tag- came over and took over cash. She assured me no problem about the price matching and coupons. Totally not an issue.

I smile and hand her over the 9 coupons I had - I bought nine boxes of cling wrap (price match for $1 and $1 off coupon .. the sort of deal one gets to like).

And of course you know what happened then don't you?

Yup she tried to tell me that it is one per purchase (you KNEW that was coming didn't you??). So I tell her yup, 9 coupons, I'm purchasing 9 items what's the problem. She looked dubious and she paged someone. I said, well if you want you can do it in 9 transactions. She didn't like that answer much. (and yes I'd have used my debit card for each transaction *grins*). Finally she gets an answer but not before she suspends my transaction and has dyno boy start on the next order.

Luckily for her she didn't end up up having to do 9 transactions for me as someone on the other end of the phone authorized her doing them on one bill. She took me to the cash at customer service so I'd not have to wait any longer. She was very pleasant but .. come on .. shouldn't a customer service manager know policy?

Never mind .. that last question was rhetorical

Gawd saving money is hard work.


coupons and pricematching halved my shopping bill

August 31st, 2008 at 04:43 am

Went to walmart today and did a whole bunch of price matching and couponing.

Hard to know what exactly I saved with price matching but here are the highlights.

Royale TP - $8.57 each or so .. pricematched with shoppers $4.88 and used 2 $1 off coupons

Ritz crackers with the free cheese - $2.67 or so at Walmart - pm'd to shoppers and got them for $1.79 X 6 plus whatever the free cheese is worth..

Lipton Sidekicks - $1 something at walmart.. pm'd to Superstore $0.99 cents each - bought ten then used 5 of the buy 2 get $2 off coupons - ALL FREE

KD -$1 something.. pm'd to Zellers 49c sale..

Coffee Mate - $3.50 X 3 - 2 $5 off TMF coupons = 50cents for all three

Bic Soliel - 7.88 minus $5 off coupon x 4

Used a free pledge coupon $3.27 - so free

In the end I used $45 in coupons, spent $106.62

I think with price matching I saved at least as much as in coupons or very close... my guess is I got very close to $200 in groceries for $100

And the cashier was sweet about it all! Personable, friendly and didn't need to scrutinize every coupon.. woo hoo

And to think some say couponing isn't worth it.

Shopping for Xmas

December 20th, 2007 at 04:57 am

I've not really been in the xmas spirit this year but went out today anyways to get some gifts.

Bought two gift cards (keeping it simple) from stores the recipients like. Bought a couple of kid gifts. Still have a few gifts left to get. But that's okay. Got the most of it done.

Had fun at superstore (like a huge walmart). The cashier got quite offended at me having $2.00 coupons for an item that cost $1.99. She couldn't bear the thought of me making a penny on the deal (not that I would have with taxes). I convinced her to put them through at 1.99. Better being out 6c than having to deal with 20 minutes of discussion. My time is worth way more than that (so is keeping my temper!).

Freakin' Expensive Freebee

October 19th, 2007 at 02:31 am

Got my car back from Crappy tire. I dropped it off Sunday. The very bright mechanic said "oh I paged you in the store today when it was finished.

I just looked at him and said "I dropped it off Sunday and while I like roving around in the store its now thursday; I don't like your store that much. After a second he got it. If he worked on my car I'm a bit scared.

Cost just under $700. But I got a freebie - A pair of travel mugs and 1.50 in Crappy Tire money.

Nice Shopping

October 13th, 2007 at 10:38 pm

Did a mall shop today. Saved about 33% using coupons - got a free 2lb margarine and some dove pro-age stuff for less than 50c each plus tax after the Buy 2 save $6.00 coupon!

I always feel accomplished when I get stuff for nothing or next to nothing.

Could have lived without all the screaming and running around kids and the family reunion in aisle 7..

My hair will be clean

September 22nd, 2007 at 08:16 pm

The local store is cleaning out their 250ml Fructus shampoo and conditers for $1.49. I went up there this morning and bought 14 of them. After the buy 2 get $3.00 off coupons I had I got them all for about $3.00 (taxes).

That's what I call nice shopping.

I'm going to keep 2 or 3 "sets" - the rest will go towards an Xmas hamper the local drop in centre.

I have more coupons. I may go up in the morning or later tonight to see if they have more and buy more so I can give it. I know homeless shelters want mostly foodstuffs - but people need to be clean to and this is just a bit I can add to what I give.

Paper sorting is lucatrive

September 19th, 2007 at 02:45 am

In my paper purging today I have found a number of cheques (totalling about $12 .. a number of free product coupons (at least 3 all still good) and some uncancelled and some unused stamps..

Oh and a $10 bill

Who says purging is a bad thing? I'm finding it nicely lucerative!

The fun of using coupons at Walmart

August 31st, 2007 at 11:33 am

Went to walmart because they had splenda on sale.

Got the splenda and a bunch of other items. Nothing outlandish. Got to the cash register and had coupons for 8 of the 11 items I bought.

I wait while the cashier serves the girl ahead of me. She does quickly and pleasantly and then does my order. As I hand her my stack a woman two back in the line does this incredibly loud noise of disapproval and huffs off. I was very very bad and turned and looked at her and said "you'll survive". I know man but gees which barn did she learn her manners in?

The cashier took forever with the coupons as she had to write the price!! on every coupon!!! I apologized to her for this being a bother but that with how much I saved it is like not picking up a $10 bill floating on the ground. I think I had about $12-$13 in coupons - so saved about 20% on my bill.

The cashier was an absolute (abet slow) sweetie. No hassle at all. Said this was her job and didn't mind and kept a smile the entire time.

But man.. its like stores work at putting an obstacle course in your way when you use coupons.

Of course my interac (debit) card took this opportunity not to work and another 5 minutes was spent playing "swipe the card". I guess I'll need to go to the bank today to get a replacement. Being without my interac would be like going naked to work.. it just is too painful to think about.

Met the coupon lady

August 14th, 2007 at 05:52 am

Was going around the grocery store and noticing all the nice new coupon displays. Seems I was following the lady who puts out the coupons.

She was a sweetie. Showed me all the coupons she was putting out and even handed me 4 or 5 coupons for purfiltre milk. Normally I'd grab more than that for trading but I was gracious and said thank you. I like that type of milk so 4 will go way before the coupons expire.

She said she goes around the store once a week but once a month is the "big" coupon day.

I love coupons that pay for the product

August 9th, 2007 at 12:57 am

I used some $2 off any lysol product coupons today on some lysol wipes and spray that were on sale for $1.99.

Its sweet shopping when they give it to you to take home!

Okay so I did have to pay that tax. I'm set for wet cleaning wipes and spray for a while now!

Kashi, Kashi and more Kashi

August 4th, 2007 at 06:14 pm

I was really excited a while back to sign up for a Kashi welcome kit. I figured a couple of good coupons etc..

Well they outdid themselves. I just got my welcome kit. Talk about a classy company!

4 fullsize boxes of Kashi plus 10 coupons for a free box of Kashi and a t-shirt. Maybe if i eat a better diet along with the Kashi I'll be able to fit into the medium size they sent me...

They are one classy company!

Fun with RAOK's / Coupon Stash

August 2nd, 2007 at 10:31 pm

I cleaned up my coupon stash today. So many expired ones.

I am so tired of having coupons that I don't get to good homes before they expire. So I'm making up a bunch of envelopes for people of coupons on their wishlists.

Strangely I've found since I've been less worried about getting and more about giving I'm happier and strangely good things seem to come my way too...

Musings and catching some trains

August 1st, 2007 at 12:27 pm

I realised yesterday that I've had to do some things to move on in my life - mostly concerned with "email clutter".

I unsubscribed from the flylady mentor group. 790 unread emails in that email box indicated to me that it was email clutter and not a list that was useful to me. I still do some of the flylady stuff just not using her list. Also unsubscribed from a couple of lists that were based in the city where my x lives. Though friends are on the list it was time to move on. Sad but good that I did.

Two trains have been stalled at my station. Coupon trains that is. One is ready to go out and so is a trade where I already got the other part of the trade. I'm such a scatterhead lately.

Lot of stuff for free in my mail

July 4th, 2007 at 10:18 pm

Today's mail was a veritable treasure trove of excellent mail.

I got free product coupons for the following stuff:

* Garnier Fructus Style Product
* Free Pledge Duster Plus
* Save $10 Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner
* Scrubbing Bubbles Soap Scum Remover
* So Good Soy Milk So Trim or Chocolate

And .. a $5 cheque from Pinecone.

Can I have lots more mail days like this one please?


May 12th, 2007 at 09:12 pm

"I don't use those"

That is a quote from my father when I handed him a coupon. He held it like I gave him a box of extra large jumbo tampons with a trail pack of midol on the side to purchase for me along with some birth control pills and condoms.

I just said - well this way you save the tax.

So he did use the $1 off coupon for his tide. But man he did look pained. I was very proud.

Of course, this is the man who when he forgets something at the grocery store will go and buy it at the convenience store - and he expects to pay extra for the "convenience". This in a town where it is a 5 minute drive to decent priced stores.