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Eaten by the Internet Monster

November 1st, 2006 at 03:49 am

I had this entry all written. All about my crappy day, my victory in coming home after a 10.5 hour work day and making dinner and about my spending plans for tomorrow and then internet monster ate the entry.

I hit a pothole on the information superhighway. I do this more frequently than I want to admit. Pfffffffft. Fits with how my day went.

Cheap meal idea btw - egg and chips (french fries) .. Yummy if i say so myself

I haven't quit so far

October 31st, 2006 at 10:07 pm

Today has been a very bad day at work. My accomplishment, so far today, has been not telling them all to "go fly a kite" and walk out. I keep reminding myself that would be a huge step back financially to be out of a job.

I'm going to do some OT, then head home. Hopefully things will be better tomorrow.


October 31st, 2006 at 03:26 am

Battled a headache all day today. The weather here has been wacky so I think it was due to that.

Probably didn't help that I spent my day at work analyzing some numbers that just didn't want to work. I did them right, they are just being ornery. So I'll look at them again tomorrow hopefully without a headache.

Had my breakfast at home as planned. Only unplanned eating spending was one coffee this afternoon. Was worth it for the pick me up. We do have free "coffee" available it tastes like the coffee is half made up of old cigarette butts *shudder*

Got my old set of dishes and some other decluttering stuff to the Sally Ann. Do they ever make it hard to give them stuff. Go to front door. Person doesn't want to take it there. They want me to go the unmarked hidden side door. Okay. But then the promised manager sort isn't there. Took a bit and finally got them the stuff. They are a good charity but will find another location when I next have stuff to give away.

Did some good shopping tonight. Between a special and coupons got 4 boxes of 100 splenda packets for $11.96. That will hold me a while Smile

Time for sleep.

Making Breakfast at home

October 30th, 2006 at 05:52 am

I have the coffee maker ready to go and figured out that I can use the oatmeal setting on the microwave to make hot three grain cereal.

Tried it this morning and it worked very nicely. Have the cereal measured out in a bowl and water in a measuring cup. Amazing how something so simple has alluded me for so long.

Hopefully turning on the coffee maker and pouring the water into cereal and nuking is within my capabilities in the morning.

Saving the cost of breakfast at Tim Hortons. That costs $2.64. Even if making my breakfast costs 64cents (and I doubt it costs that much) I'm saving at least $2 a day.

Another quiet day

October 29th, 2006 at 11:06 pm

Today was another quiet day.

Even with the time change I managed to sleep in. Had a lot of trouble sleeping last night *sigh*. I just hope I manage to sleep tonight.

Didn't do any unplanned spending today
I have some stuff to get at the drugstore but as I'm not planning on spending $50 (They have a buy $50 get a $10 gift card promotion going on yesterday and today only) so that can wait til tomorrow - needs to be bought tomorrow, unless I decide I want to get out for a bit later this evening.

I did get out the sewing machine though to work on a a quilt. Been months since I did any quilting so it took a while for me to get into the swing of it. Went well once I got going. Did learn a lesson about using a not so sharp blade in my rotary cutter when cutting flannel - don't. I wasted some material but luckily still had enough to finish the project. So in the future I'll not be penny wise and pound foolish by trying to use the blade past it's prime.

Quiet Saturday

October 28th, 2006 at 11:00 pm

I've had a quiet Saturday.

That was what my desk looked like when I started. Or at least what I felt it looked like.
Got my Canadian coupons all filed - that is if I don't find anymore where they aren't supposed to be. The US coupons are in a gift bag. At least they are now all in the same place.

Done some decluttering too. I have a spare bedroom that I'd like to get looking decent. A small stack of books and a pile of magazines are now heading to charity. I have to get all the stuff I've picked up out of the car - cause it is full of stuff go go. I get it to the car then it sits there. LOL.

Starbucks yuck!

October 28th, 2006 at 04:21 pm

I agree with Tina and Lux.

We went there for coffee a couple of weeks ago. I wanted my cheap gas station coffee but starbucks is on the way. Yuck. The stuff tastes bad.

I can't say much about their business practises. What I can say is when we go get a coffee at work there is a starbucks about the same distance from the office as the Second Cup and Timmies. We each have our favourite between those two but no one ever even suggests going to Starbucks.

Strangely I don't know anyone who is a big starbucks fan. Maybe folks go there in secret?

Free Shopping

October 28th, 2006 at 02:46 pm

If only LOL - though I did do this last night for the last eight boxes of Kraft Dinner for which I had the coupon.

Actually it was almost obnoxious of me. I went to a store that pricematched because the grocery store that had the sale was out of them. They were 99 cents at this other store. I pricmatched to get them for 50cents each then i used the coupons to get them for FREE!!!

The cashier looked at me and said "but you are getting these for free".

My reply was "yes, pretty cool, eh".

While she did the rest of the transaction professionally she did not speak another word to me.

Okay so I should have bought something else so I had to pay SOMETHING. But dang it, I had no plans to buy anything else. And I am working on curtailing unplanned spending. So I didn't.

The price of Splenda.

October 28th, 2006 at 02:33 am

One of the horrible things about cross border shopping is trying to figure out where you get the best deal on what.

I think Splenda is way overpriced, but want to switch to it for health and not budget reasons.

Now to figure it out.

I priced splenda at about 6.99 for 100 packages *eeks* at one overpriced drug store here in Canada. After I regained conciousness.... I shook myself and thought chemicals are good - let me buy the cheap stuff. But this week it goes on sale for $4.99 at that same overpriced drug store and they'll give me 10X their loyalty points and I have a number of $2.00 off coupons expiring on Oct 31st that I can use for it.

So 100 for $2.99 - is that close to the price it sells for in the US? I saw at that they sell 200 for $7.99 - but I don't know if there prices are good benchmark prices or not.

Cat Food RAOK

October 27th, 2006 at 08:57 pm

Had cat food left from the days when my kitty was an "eats anything" cat. Now he's Mr "I can only eat my special (prescription) food Cat"

One of the girls at work knows another girl at work who fosters stray cats and has more than a few cats of her own. I broght her the leftover food today. Its nice to be able to find small ways to help others without incurring any costs.

Retirement Plans

October 27th, 2006 at 11:34 am

This is a different approach to retirement planning. I don't think too many of us have this as part of our retirement planning but. unfortunately I think it is pretty typical of how many plan.

Great Shopping tonight

October 26th, 2006 at 11:58 pm

Picked up some specials tonight

20 Boxes of Kraft Dinner aka Kraft Macaroni and Cheese @$0.50 each with 10 coupons buy 2 save $1.00

9 boxes of Whole Wheat Pasta @ 1.00 each with 9 coupons for buy 1 save $0.50

4Litres of Milk $4.69 save $1.00 plus $1.00 off coupon.

Total spent $7.19

Had a bad moment when the cashier tried to tell me I only could use 5 coupons, but that got straightened out pretty quickly.

The KD will go to a local food bank.

I love shopping trips like this one Smile

WW Meeting

October 26th, 2006 at 12:36 am

I went back to Weight Watchers tonight. I haven't managed to get there the last month with all that's been happening.

They were absolutely fabulous. I walked into the meeting feeling horrible. But I was treated so well. When I told the receptionist what had happened she waived the $25 "rejoin/new member fee". The meeting itself was relevent to me, friendly and interactive. and I had a chance to talk to the leader afterwards. I feel remotivated and ready to start again.

My spirit is feeling lighter - and if I keep to the plan my body should soon be lighter too. And unexpectedly, it all didn't cost me was much as I thought it would so my wallet isn't quite as light as I thought it would be.

Investing is boring.

October 25th, 2006 at 07:07 am

I can't get interested in investing. Nope not at all. I just can't get up any interest in it. To my brain it is just borrrrrrrrrring. Totally, completely and utterly. This is pretty bad when one is blogging on a site called savings advice.

This doesn't mean I don't invest. I do. I might find it all boring but I do have some common cents err sense. But interested in it nope. Thank goodness for AFT transfers that automate the entire savings process.

Education and reading about it isn't going to help. Done the first. I know what to ask and look for and question and I get how it works. The thought of taking a securities course and becoming licensed is right up there with oh... going to work naked. Not likely to happen. And the second, my eyes glaze over and a Harlequin novel begins to look like a book of deep well written fiction worthy of being on the New York Times Bestseller list from now til Easter.

A few years ago I realised that on my own that I'd not do what I needed to do with my investments to be able to retire comfortably (the significant funds in a money market account that I'd been meaning to do something with for 5 years were proof postive of that)and I needed someone to help me get everything in one place and to ensure it was monitored and returns satisfied my risk tolerance and investment goals. I outsourced and found an investment advisor. It is one of the best financial decisions I have made.

I can't change who I am but I can enlist the help I need to get where I want to.

Wardrobe Crisis.

October 24th, 2006 at 01:36 pm

I'm frustrated today.

First pair of pantihose (actually tights) developed a run when I put them on. These cost about $12 a pair so I'm looking at having that expense this weekend. Second pair went on okay but didn't feel comfie. Third time was a charm though.

I'm up 20lbs from last winter. So I hate my wardrobe and nothing fits right. Been trying clothes on but basically doing a great imitation of a goodyear blimp. So haven't been buying much. But I need clothes - and shoes too for the winter now I think about it. My last shoe spree was on open toed shoes and sandals. Not an option in Canada in the winter.

I've been thinking I really need a new look and to learn how to find things that flatter me. I found this website and I'm tempted to join to see if I can pick up any pointers - but that costs money. But buying stuff that turns into "closet clutter" costs money too. I've never been a fashion bug but I want to move from frumpy to "nicely put together". It would be nice to be fashionable too, but really I'm trying to avoid the middle aged dowdy look.

Spam back the Spammer - a fun way to deal with those NIgerian Scams.

October 24th, 2006 at 12:04 am

You know the ones. You get them all the time. From the son of someone who just died. Lots of money in the estate but they handpicked YOU, a total stranger (abet a frugal and honest lookng one) to help them get the money out of the country. And as a small token of their thanks they'll let you keep a million or two.

Yeah I get them all too frequently too.

Someone must get them more than me as they created this:

Text is and Link is

I'd never respond back when the email is in my "regular" email box. Those can just get deleted. But I might send this back if I notice any in my freebee email account. That one I rarely check and if i had to close it and open another it would be no fuss.