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Shopping for a friend

November 30th, 2007 at 10:28 pm

Went shopping for a friend tonight.

Got great customer service at the two stores I went to.

She had seen an ad for little tykes digital cameras for $30 - and wanted two but there weren't any in the store in her town - and they only get in one shipment of toys each xmas.

First store I went to didn't have them but got a raincheck in case I found them later. she went online and got me directs to a store that had them.

Drove there in the snow (still early enough in the year no one seems to remember what snow is and how to drive in it).

Got them! Woo Woo

Best part of the shopping? I'm getting all my money back from her!

So much for customer service

November 23rd, 2007 at 05:09 am

Walk in. As I pass the cash area I hear two girls say hello to me (or should I say to my back. as I had passed them).. Okay whatever.

Go look at that camera I'm interested in.

Two clerks at the counter.. one girl looking at a camera at another part of the counter.

Stand there for 5 minutes trying to get camera to work. Clerk looks my way. I ask him why it isn't turning on.

He gives me this look and in the voice you'd use to talk to a retarded 3 year old he says "oh that camera uses batteries, we don't have it plugged in".

I looked at him and left.

The girl this time facing me said goodbye. I looked at her and kept walking.

Wow a digital camera that uses batteries. How surprising. Amazing how all the other more expensive cameras can be plugged in so we can try them.

It will be a while til I shop there (or best buy - they are the same company) again.

The good news is that a friend is picking up the camera for me for around $100. The price at future shop for this model was $200.

New Credit Card ..

November 7th, 2007 at 03:45 pm

Got the credit card with airmiles. It comes with enough airmiles for a trip anywhere in Canada. I'm thinking I might keep the card for a year, use the airmiles and still be ahead, assuming I cancel it then.. unless I travel enough and use the card enough to rack up lots of airmiles....

I'm wanting to travel more so this might work out nicely. Or not. It all hinges on using it...

Got a great limit if I want to go into stupid debt...

Now to find out what happened to the other card that was being sent to me overnight about a month ago.. it still hasn't shown up...

financial advisor meeting

November 7th, 2007 at 05:26 am

I had a meeting with my financial advisor earlier this week. It was much more positive than I expected it to be. My mutual funds are doing very very nicely.

We are tweaking one fund and moving it into a more aggressive global energy resource fund. Its currently 5% of my portfolio so I'm thinking of it as a fun opportunity. Add that to the fact I have quite a few years to go to retirement and I don't think its too risky an idea.