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Oil Change Today

June 1st, 2007 at 02:32 am

I got my oil changed today. New guy at the place. I said. "I know my oil is low" (the light was flashing on - yes I do know that is VERY BAD - why do you think I did an oil change oday. ) so pleasedon't lecture me, fill it and do it quickly please". He was polite, did what I asked even filled the washer fluid up with the fluid I had already.

I got none of the 'tude you get from oil change guys that usually involves $100 extra in charges. Oh and the service was $31 posted and he rang it in for me at at $22 plus tax. He just said "I give you a deal". Crappy Tire pit stop. I'm a happy camper. Took about 10 minutes too.

I'm a very happy customer.

A fun evening and a ramble about cheques

May 31st, 2007 at 12:28 pm

Thanks to crappy traffic I was late meeting my friend for dinner. We had a great dinner at Swiss Chalet and were able to have a really good talk.

Yea - another meal out.

On the way home I stopped at a clothing store and in the 10 minutes before they closed found the cutest top. Black, of course, but with these pretty pink flowers all over it. Very girly girl. Made me feel pretty. I think I'll wear that today - assuming I ever get moving today

Then home to find I am almost out of cheques. Looking around to see if I can find a Canadian source that is cheaper than the bank (who seem to charge enough to make their entire annual profit on each box of cheques). Lot of great US places but I don't know if they send to Canada or not.

Out of Cheques

May 31st, 2007 at 04:43 am

Anyone know of a decent place to order cheques in Canada. Don't have to be gorgeous although that is a bonus. Would like them to be cheaper than the bank costs though and from some place reputable.


May 30th, 2007 at 09:00 pm

Did errands at lunch. Ended up spending more than I wanted to. Got a couple good deals (75% off) on an over the counter drug I sometimes use. All the rest of the things were items that were on my list that I needed.

I picked a lunch sandwich up at the grocery store. A picnic roast beef wrap (roast beef, shredded cheddar, mustard and sweet pickle) for $2.00. It was excellent!

Off to meet a friend for dinner. When I get back from vacation I really have to get the eating out under control.


May 30th, 2007 at 04:16 pm

Going on holidays starting on friday so I have lots of little things to get done.

All fiddly things unfortunately and none that I really want to do so I'm pretty much procrastinating. Not a good thing to be doing but very much human nature to do so.

Slow Service = Lots of People

May 29th, 2007 at 02:13 pm

Ever notice the correlation between the speed and efficency of service at a fast food place and the number of people milling about behind the counter.

Its definitely an inverse relationship. The more people the slower the service.

This insight brought to you by a person who needs to stop eating out so much.

Another purse

May 28th, 2007 at 12:10 pm

I made a black and white version of the purse I made last week yesterday. The pictures aren't the greatest I'm afraid. I have to admit that it went much faster the second time which is likely not surprising.

Boobs and a Date (aka Saturday review)

May 27th, 2007 at 01:02 pm

Oh the first part of the title has nothing to do with the date. Went for two tests yesterday in the morning - as part of my "well woman" checkup.

The tech was gentle. The first two mammogram x-rays were easy. A bit of flattening and done. No where near pancake flat.

The second two involved sticking the (thankfully slightly rounded) edge of the machine in my armpit, rotating each girl in turn and squishing them. Not comfortable but less painful than all those gyn things where they warn you that you may experience some momentary discomfort.. Actually easier than those dental bite wing xrays (I hate those) - as at least it didn't trigger my gag reflex.

The build up was painful. The exam was fine. I probably need to make sure from here on in to say how bad it was to scare the future generations of women like I was scared before I went (traditions are important)

The bone density test was fine though it had my foot and hip in a weird position. Most amusing was all her questions about my undies. Do they have zippers? metal? pins? buttons? Obviously there is a whole category of panties I have yet to explore. A zipper on underwear?

Thanks to our provincial health care these tests were free. I'll contact my doctor in a bit about them although I'm sure if there is anything his office will be contacting me fast.

Spent some money on self maintenance after that with some waxing and a pedicure. Then got the end of McD's drive through for brunch.

A nap and some quilting were my afternoon. In the evening I went out on a date. It is nice to be taken out. Was a nice evening and I enjoyed his company.

We won't see each other for a bit as we both have trips out of town scheduled but we are planning to see each other again!

Happiest person at the License Bureau

May 26th, 2007 at 03:47 am

I was almost giddy at the license bureau today. I had to go there to replace my license (I think I threw the new one I got out and kept the old invalid one).

1. It was only $10 to replace my card

2. It is a picture license but I didn't have to get a new picture. This is a big deal when you go there on a friends bike and have major helmet head hair.

I got off easy. The new license cost me $60 in Oct - I had figured I'd have to pay that amount this time again as a "pay up cause you are stupid and lost your card" tax! They didn't need a new picture cause thanks to modern technology they already have my picture scanned in and will use that one.

Of course now the "thought thrown out" license will mysteriously reappear but that's just life right?

Bad Planning

May 25th, 2007 at 01:01 am

Actually I should say no planning.

No planning and very little time is giving me not enough time to cook ahead and bring food to work for lunch. Working til very late this evening meant a trip to McD's drive through.

Time to find my mittens.

May 22nd, 2007 at 11:01 pm

Summer is here. The time when my thoughts to to finding my mittens.

You'd think with all the memos we get about doing things efficently and effectively at the office and about how we must keep our expense margins low that they'd not be cranking up the air conditioning every evening come 5pm. Can't get it too warm in here just in case the night security guard falls asleep?

The office no longer supplies styrofoam cups as an effort to be greener but they freeze you if you stay late. 5pm and they crank up the air conditining so much that I have goosebumps and find it hard to type my hands are that cold.

Welcome to summer. The time when construction blooms outside and you need snowsuits at the office. Seriously I think I'm going to bring in a pair of gloves. I'd bring in mittens but not sure if I can type with mittens on.

Your call is important to us

May 22nd, 2007 at 03:33 pm

I'm calling the supermarket with the crappy meat an am on hold hearing about how important my call is to them.

You not only have crappy meat but right now you aren't making me feel very loved at all.

2 thumbs down for Superstore (ontario)

(Got them on the phone. They are going to look into it. Nice of them. Not like I'll trust their meat anymore though)

My mom was right

May 22nd, 2007 at 12:20 pm

Mom always insisted that meat from the grocery store here called "Dominion" was the best meat around.

I have twice bought meat at one of the stores under the Weston's umbrella (not affiliated with Dominion) and have twice opened the package (despite my properly refridgerating it) to find it rotten. The meat wasn't in a small packages (this time it was a large tray of chicken thighs - about $18 worth). I likely should have kept them to return to the grocery store to get a refund but I don't want sticky rotten meat in my fridge.

Mom knew best. I'm thinking that I've never had trouble at Dominions and I should go back to buying my meat there.

What I made today (Quilt day result)

May 22nd, 2007 at 02:20 am

So as not to violate copyright law this pattern is called "Amanda's Purse" by Sherri K Falls and was published by LIttle Scraps from This & That.

The purse is cute. The pattern is passable though it would have been better had there been more pictures. I still am confused about a couple of things it it that I think should have been better described. Yes it all fit on and regular piece of paper but I'd been more impressed had it showed the steps more clearly.

Hiney (Likely Way too much info - read at own risk)

May 22nd, 2007 at 12:20 am

I go to the deli counter at the grocery store. The two clerks are talking to each other. The one is standing in front of me and I hear the sentence "I have a small hiney" just as I decide what I want.

I looked at her and asked he if she and her small hiney could help me. My tone of voice was more amused than anything else . Had her and her small hiney not came over I'd have been not so amused but she came right over and got my order and we started laughing.

We started talking and compared hiney's. Basically we came to the conculsion that she had a small white girl hiney and I have a black booty of a hiney.

So we got into a discussion of large vs small hiney's - she's the opposite body type to me - I luck out in that mine is the lower risk for a heart attack (small upper body relative to my large hiney, hips and thighs).

A surreal moment while grocery shopping.

Quilt day

May 21st, 2007 at 12:32 pm

A friend is coming over and for the first time in ages I'll likely quilt - this is a sewing date, she's bringing her machine too!

I have needed my creative energy sparked and I'm happy that I'm having the opportunity to today!

Should also be a no spend day.

Decided not to be a princess

May 19th, 2007 at 02:26 pm

I really wanted to go for a pedicure today but I decided that I could do my own rather than be a princess and go to the nails place to get one done.

The sacrifices I make for frugality - self painted "grape sorbet toes".