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Mailing Monday

May 15th, 2007 at 05:39 am

Sent out a couple of coupon RAOK's to a couple of people in one of my trading groups. I used to do more trades but can't be bothered. I seem to end up with RAOK's from others now I do more RAOK's. Weird how that works.

Got another credit card offer from Citibank. Did what i always do. Wrote "take me off your list" and sent all the crap back to them. Did you know it costs the company about twice the regular postage when you use one of those business reply envelopes. They send me crap - I'll mail their crap back (yes I need to get out more as this gives me a wee bit of enjoyment).

I've joined up for quite a few coupon trains lately and still have a couple to move out. That was yesterday's job but it didn't seem to happen *blush*.

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