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Boobs and a Date (aka Saturday review)

May 27th, 2007 at 06:02 am

Oh the first part of the title has nothing to do with the date. Went for two tests yesterday in the morning - as part of my "well woman" checkup.

The tech was gentle. The first two mammogram x-rays were easy. A bit of flattening and done. No where near pancake flat.

The second two involved sticking the (thankfully slightly rounded) edge of the machine in my armpit, rotating each girl in turn and squishing them. Not comfortable but less painful than all those gyn things where they warn you that you may experience some momentary discomfort.. Actually easier than those dental bite wing xrays (I hate those) - as at least it didn't trigger my gag reflex.

The build up was painful. The exam was fine. I probably need to make sure from here on in to say how bad it was to scare the future generations of women like I was scared before I went (traditions are important)

The bone density test was fine though it had my foot and hip in a weird position. Most amusing was all her questions about my undies. Do they have zippers? metal? pins? buttons? Obviously there is a whole category of panties I have yet to explore. A zipper on underwear?

Thanks to our provincial health care these tests were free. I'll contact my doctor in a bit about them although I'm sure if there is anything his office will be contacting me fast.

Spent some money on self maintenance after that with some waxing and a pedicure. Then got the end of McD's drive through for brunch.

A nap and some quilting were my afternoon. In the evening I went out on a date. It is nice to be taken out. Was a nice evening and I enjoyed his company.

We won't see each other for a bit as we both have trips out of town scheduled but we are planning to see each other again!

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