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Shopping for Xmas

December 20th, 2007 at 04:57 am

I've not really been in the xmas spirit this year but went out today anyways to get some gifts.

Bought two gift cards (keeping it simple) from stores the recipients like. Bought a couple of kid gifts. Still have a few gifts left to get. But that's okay. Got the most of it done.

Had fun at superstore (like a huge walmart). The cashier got quite offended at me having $2.00 coupons for an item that cost $1.99. She couldn't bear the thought of me making a penny on the deal (not that I would have with taxes). I convinced her to put them through at 1.99. Better being out 6c than having to deal with 20 minutes of discussion. My time is worth way more than that (so is keeping my temper!).

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