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Musings and catching some trains

August 1st, 2007 at 05:27 am

I realised yesterday that I've had to do some things to move on in my life - mostly concerned with "email clutter".

I unsubscribed from the flylady mentor group. 790 unread emails in that email box indicated to me that it was email clutter and not a list that was useful to me. I still do some of the flylady stuff just not using her list. Also unsubscribed from a couple of lists that were based in the city where my x lives. Though friends are on the list it was time to move on. Sad but good that I did.

Two trains have been stalled at my station. Coupon trains that is. One is ready to go out and so is a trade where I already got the other part of the trade. I'm such a scatterhead lately.

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