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Less Spendy Day today!

June 27th, 2006 at 05:55 pm

I am starting to get myself together. Today I actually managed to bring my lunch to work. After I write this I'm going to put my lunch together for tomorrow!

I spent less than I planned to today. I thought something was on sale at a grocery store but when I got there it wasn't. So I didn't buy it! Save, don't spend! Works for me! I bought a big bag of perogies. The small one was 1.69 and the at least double size large "club pack" was 1.99. I got the club pack. That was easy math. Though the perogies I had before were better - I had some of each for supper when I got home.

Doing some decluttering tonight. Nothing exciting. Got my coupon folder back from my BF so I'm updating that!

Oh isn't my life oh so exciting?

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