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September 21st, 2006 at 05:57 pm

I'm snowed under at work. Like 4 feet under. I've warned all my coworkers if they don't make sure it goes on my to-do list it won't get done. If they don't take me seriously it is to their peril - though honestly I'm not really taking work from them right now - if they aren't careful and are in reach too long I'll cheerfully delegate it though.

Trying a frugal(ish) recipe tonight - and low fat 2 cans of corn, a can of black beans and a large jar of salsa along with 4 chicken breasts sliced are in the slow cooker. Okay so maybe not that frugal but the only ingredient I didn't have was the black beans and they were well less than a dollar. Easy, low fat and healhty. I love all the ingredients so I don't see how it can't help but be good. I'm hoping to have this for tomorrow lunch - so I can review tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. jodi Says:

    Hey - is that the recipe I posted in the recipe forum a few days ago? If so, don't forget the cream cheese or sour cream - put on top near the end of cooking and let it melt in. I LOVE this dish and it doesn't get any easier - pretty healthy too.

  2. yummy64 Says:

    I saw this in a WW Core forum on yahoo. The mentioned fat free cheese
    in the recipe but now you mention it sour cream sounds delish (it wasn't
    mentioned on the forum I found the recipe in). And best of all I have some in the fridge.

    I didn't realise there is a recipe forum here. I have an excellent one
    we made last week I should post if there is

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