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Not the Greatest of Days

September 25th, 2006 at 06:04 pm

Today isn't going down as one of the best days I've had. If it can go wrong it will Work was beyond nuts though I'm now done last Wednesday's task that was absolutely due then. I didn't make much traction other than that. While I did stay late I ended up having to go home as today was the day they decided to shampoo the carpets - and the cleaning solution they use is noxious.

I did get my pension plan paperwork in to work so they can "cost" adding back service into the plan. She estimates a couple of weeks which is only to be expected. Someone has to do some crunching. Once I get it back I can evaluate what I want to do then.

The weirdest thing I got to deal with was my father got an offer on his house. Well its really my mom's house as it is in her name. But she isn't in a state where she can make financial decisions so I got to deal with the lawyer as I'm her POA. For some reason dad is buying the new house a week after he is selling other other house. I caught that and refused to agree to the offer. A formal rental agreement for the week or closing the same day he is buying is much more appropriate.

I opened a bag of milk and went to make a cup of tea tonight. But, somewhat not suprisingly the milk was off - and it curdled as it went into the cup. So I am doing what any sensible person would. Having a Light Mike's Hard Lemonade.

1 Responses to “Not the Greatest of Days”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Love Mike's Hard Anything! (except crisp apple, blech). At least you tried to have tea first...I would've gone right for the Mike's! Hope things turnaround for you...

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