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Today was just a stinky day

September 26th, 2006 at 07:39 pm

After this mornings incident (my last blog entry) I came home to a kitchen that smelled quite ripe. Note to self. Tossing meat waste itno garbage means that you should be taking aout the garbage within the next hour... And yes, *sigh* I did spray some oust. I seem to be able to
tolerate a bit of that - bought to cover up smoke smells from when my mom visits.
While I hate her smoking she's 80, has a bad hip, and has alzheimers. Of the people I lecture about smoking or wish they'd quit I can't bring myself to even suggest she should.

On a good note. The store had $1 off coupons on the brand of milk I like and I needed milk.

1 Responses to “Today was just a stinky day”

  1. mountainmist Says:

    Years ago a friend mentioned to me that the rate of Parkinsons and AD was lowest among smokers, but that researchers weren't sure why this was so. I don't know what the recent findings on this are, but in the area of nutrition -- how the daily consumption of FRUIT JUICE and of BERRIES and how they apparently maybe prevent the development of AD symptoms is very exciting.

    I've got all sorts of news alerts for all sorts of breaking medical news over at http://news.google.com

    Also about that smoking - there are some docs who claim it's BAD for AD, but years ago there was some interesting evidence that the incidence was lower in smokers -- NOT something the medical establishment would be pleased with, hey?

    A couple years ago research said that drinking a glass of fruit juice several times a week lowered the risk of AD by 65%; but the latest on this fruit juice research is that having a glass every other day reduces it by 76% -- now they are trying to figure out WHICH juices work best, and WHY, as they do not know.

    Blueberries were given to mice, those bred to develop AD plaques in their brains, and these mice who were given the blueberries never showed any symptoms of the disease even though their brains were filled with plaques.

    Fascinating research!

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