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Car Rental Fun

October 16th, 2006 at 07:45 pm

Rented a car to come home today. Why is it all rental cars are white? Car was easy to find when I stopped as I rented it in PA and was driving it to ON and the plates on it were FL. That's one well travelled car Smile

For the record, its fun trying to explain FL plates to the customs person when you never were in FL. I think I went on a bit too much with the explanation as she waved me through after a few more questions. The only question I don't normally get asked is if I am carrying a gun and ammunition. I entered the US a week ago - showed no ID (was in my BF's car). Drove home today in a rental car - showed no ID. That surprised me in both directions.

My minor pet peeve - regular radio on this drive sucks. Their advertising says "all cars have sirius radio". Well all fullsize and up do. I rented a wee little thing. It didn't. I might write to them and say that having a brochure that says "all cars have satellite radio" is a wee bit demoralizing when you are in radio no mans land with no satellite radio. I got to listen to some dweeb go on about CBS not showing the last 5 minutes of the Steelers game - I gather it was a slow news day.

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