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Christmas plans and a Trip to Trader Joes

December 23rd, 2006 at 07:04 pm

Our Christmas and Christmas eve plans firmed up finally today! We are going to a friends for Christmas Eve dinner and for Christmas we are going to spend it with his X's family (the X will not be there).

I'm excited. There is going to be a spiral ham for dinner. I love spiral ham. Yummy Smile

We did a trip to Trader Joes tonight. I went totally nuts. At one point my boyfriend stopped me and asked if was shopping for wants or needs. Usually I'm very good at sorting on that criteria and staying sane in my shopping. I was just annoyed by his words tonight. But i did calm down after that. The $9.99 scallops did get put back on the shelf. I kept to buying all kinds of veggies both fresh and frozen! I'm craving veggies these days so I can't wait to cook delicious things with them for lunches over the next few days as well as dinners.

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