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Leading another down the path of frugality

April 12th, 2007 at 09:20 pm

One of my coworkers came and thanked me today. I often share freebees with them, as well as coupons and other deals. And I talk about the deals and things I am able to find. But this was one of the first times one of them "got it"

Seems she got an odd charge on her phone/internet bill. She called and and eventually without much trouble she had them remove that charge. Then she called the satellite service affiliated with them. Swapped some channels she wanted for others she didn't watch. Then a casual question or to about a price increase and some service issues. Voila they were able offer her a one time credit of $20ish.

She thanked me cause without my talking about some of the stuff I've done she'd have never thought to do this.

Oh and she also has some coupons for me! I'm so proud of her!

Are you working on leading someone new into the land of frugality? Idea? Problems? What works?

2 Responses to “Leading another down the path of frugality”

  1. Elly Says:

    That is wonderful! I love just being part of a group (here) where finances and frugality can be discussed. It seems like if you're not doing it you sure don't want to hear about it. I think it is so fun to hear about other peoples lives and the way they save money.

  2. robex Says:

    Good for you! I agree with Elly...it is great to be here where frugality is 'normal'. Definately keeps me focused!

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