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Dear Telemarketer

April 24th, 2007 at 06:02 pm

First of all can you please hire people who are not so accented I can't understand them. And understand, I'm first generation Canadian. Both my parents have accents. People who do telephone work need to be able to be understood over the phone.

Second, if you tell me I have your long distance service and I don't (I have DSL with you); you instantly lose credibility. Please give your telemarkers correct information or teach them how to read.

Thirdly, you've been calling me monthly for months. Get the hint. I will likely get your phone service one day but I'd like to speak to an experienced, long time, employee of your company and not someone from that call centre who was hired Monday and doesn't know the difference between DSL and long distance service.

5 Responses to “Dear Telemarketer”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Oh, I know what you mean. Telephone callers and drive-thru order takers, need to be understandable. It's really a necessity. Although, I can have trouble understanding someone with a heavy south east U.S. accent.

  2. Fern Says:

    you mean you actually TALK to telemarketers? I ask them to hold on a minute, put the phone down and go about my business so it basically ties up their line. Eventually, they get frustrated and hang up. It's so satisfying to waste their time.

  3. fairy74 Says:

    ha, ha Fern that's a good idea. I agree you need to be able to understand them. Also if you are clearly calling from India please do not tell me your name is Fred---this annoys me no end (unless of course your name is Fred) and yes my last name is hard for non-Spanish speakers to pronounce, but unless you give it a whirl, I'd never buy anything from you!

  4. moi aussi Says:

    Do you know that sometimes I get a call at home which I never pick up anyway, but sometimes there are messages on my voicemail--that says "the party you are trying to reach is not available..please hold".. it actually calls me up and THEN PUTS ME ON HOLD!!!!
    Helooo!! the nerve!!
    One of my cc uses call centers in India I think, and I have gotten this girl twice now.. and she has a fake British accent. LOL.

  5. kimiko Says:

    When they call, all they hear from me is *click* Stick Out Tongue

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