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An Excellent Sunday!

April 29th, 2007 at 09:18 pm

A friend called me up this morning before 9am. Not surprisingly he actually woke me up! He offered to buy me breakfast as he arrived in town today for work meetings Monday and Tuesday! As I very much enjoy his company I got up and picked him at the airport here and took him up on his offer! We enjoyed a great breakfast of steak and eggs. Yummy...

We both enjoy flea markets so we went out to local, fairly large, flea market called Dr Fleas (yes i feel itchy just thinking about the name). We enjoyed a good walk around. I kept pointing out really gaudy stuff and saying I think he'd really like it for his place - Yeah I was being a brat! He bought a belt for himself and I just enjoyed myself.

Then we headed back here for a cup of tea and some chat! I asked him about where he was staying and then asked (in my subtle way) about if they had a pool and whirlpool and if he brought his swim suit. He had, so I invited myself back to the hotel for a swim and hot-tub (he was quite amenable to this!)

We headed to his hotel where he stays frequently enough that it seems all the staff know him by name and he's on the concierge floor. I didn't know this but they offer light food as part of this "special" service for their good customers. So we snacked on some chicken, cheese and delicious cole slaw before heading to the pool and hot tub.

We spend a couple of hours alternatively swimming and hot tubbing (is that a verb?) before heading back to the "important people lounge" and enjoying a cuppa tea, cookies, chocolate mouse and custard flan. I could get used to that kind of a day.

My cost was $6 for the parking at the hotel!

This was one excellent day!

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