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Banking, Visa and Dinner Theatre

May 1st, 2007 at 05:42 pm

For resetting passwords to banking sites automated phone systems rock, cause there is no admitting to people that you are an idiot with the inability to type and recall a 6-10 digit password.

Got in there. Paid off my visa from last month before Luigi and Guido showed up at the door or on the phone demanding knees or immediate payment.

Need to call Visa thursday to make sure the payment went through as I'm paying for next years subscription to dinner theatre for a friend and I that night before the opening of The Full Monte

1 Responses to “Banking, Visa and Dinner Theatre”

  1. Merry Maid Says:

    I do something to help me remember my passwords, but I'm not sure if I SHOULD do it. Smile I use firefox as my browser instead of explorer. When you right click on the bookmark, you can type in the password in the "properties" field. You can also have an algorythm like **Meow**. You can change it to **woof** or **hoot** or **roar**, etc. Or YSIAWPFB (Yummy Saves is a wonderful personal finance blog.) I love your blog!

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