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Trades vs RAOKs

May 2nd, 2007 at 08:03 pm

On so many trading boards I hear people having long discussions about "I don't want to get ripped of if I trade this coupon". What is that coupon really worth?

I gave up on all of that. I now send people coupons they need with no expectations. I do this in one of my smaller groups where I have gotten do know the people. And since I've been sending with no expection of getting I seem to be getting more coupons - both from other people in that group doing the same thing and from other sources.

It is strange but I like that while I'm saving money I'm also fostering that part of me that likes to give. Coupons cost me little (or nothing) and I can send them to others they can help. I have little stress after I put the stamped envolope in the mail. I have smiles when I think of them opening the good mail. This makes me happy.

Life isn't for me only about savings. It is also about being the person I want to be and being able to do things for others!

Random Acts of Kindness Rock!

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