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Saturday Musings

July 8th, 2007 at 12:36 am

Friday night was nice. Went out on a date with S. We had a great night. Went to a pub local to him and ended up sitting and having dinner with his neighbours. They are really nice people and the conversation was fun! And its always nice when you get treated to dinner. Makes me feel special. Sometimes you want quiet romantic but a patio on a hot friday night is perfect for socializing and enjoying so I was happy.

Today I went and got most of my hair cut off. I think I love it one minute and hate it the next minute. It was quite inexpensive at $13 and from what I can tell she did a pretty good job. This girl has trimmed my hair before so I decided I'd take the risk there rather than go to the fancy dance-y salon place that would charge like $50 for a cut.

Finally got my banking done too after that. Now I'm enjoying my new balcony furniture and a quiet Saturday night. I had asked S if he wanted to come over but he didn't respond which I took to be a no - he did though earlier ask me when I was next free for date - though with our schedules it will be a while. Oh well - I'm going camping with other friends next weekend anyways...

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