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Cute cops.. no progress starting the $20 Challenge Yet

June 14th, 2006 at 03:35 am

The World cup means rowdy soccer fans. Rowdy fans means lots of cops. Lot of cops on bicycles. In cute shorts with really nice legs. Driving home was oh so scenic. *fans herself* I had to remember to focus on the road, cause getting into an at fault accident with cops as witnesses isn't a great idea.

On the savings front I dropped by the HSBC offices to see if i could open a high interest savings account with the bonus offer they currently have. Found out that wasn't possible becuase rather than go to an office of their bank the office I went to was actually their finance company. They want to give me money with me paying them high interest rates. I want them to pay me high interest rates for me to let them use my money.

Oh well. I am so looking forward to getting an account open and starting to work on the $20 Challenge

Soon. I really don't want to start it until I have an account open

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