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Thruway - HUGE Rip Off

June 16th, 2006 at 06:24 am

I was driving on the NY Thruway yesterday.

Stopped at the service centre. Gas was 2.99 a gallon. Pretty bad considering everywhere else I saw it is was around 2.75-2.80. I will check when I do the return trip if they took down the signs indicating "competative pricing". They better have.

Worse than that though was in the service centre itself. Last time I had a scone and a regular coffee at the coffee shop there they wanted almost $5. Totally outrageous. This time I took a peak at the prices at McD's. They wanted for a combo either $6.50 plus. This isn't some grandiose combo. That's for a freaking Big Mac. A Quarter Pounder combo was over $7. Excuse me. This is crap food and you want how much for it?????

I filled up with gas which was stupid enough given the prices. I passed on a combo or snack from the coffee shop. I'm going to take the extra few minutes and not go to that service centre anymore to buy anything.

I know service centre prices are a bit higher than regular prices. But its getting just a bit out of hand in the case of the NY thruway, at least in my opinion.

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