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Thift Store Musing

June 24th, 2006 at 01:32 pm

We went to the Sally Ann (aka Salvation army to look for some curtains for GT's second bedroom. Found a nice set of blue curtains for 7.99 each (each panel was $7.99 so the total was $15.98).

We weren't sold on the them and there was no exchange or money back if you wanted to bring them back. So we left them. Headed to a Goodwill that was closing. Their stock was well picked over. Nothing.

Then to Value Village. Which of all of these is actually a for profit organization.

Got a pair of panels for $3.99 total - includes both panels and 2 tie backs.

What a difference in pricing eh? Doing the searching saved us $12.00. Took an extra hour or so but still worth it I think.

I guess even for thift stores one has to be careful. Things can be overpriced there too.

1 Responses to “Thift Store Musing”

  1. jodi_m Says:

    I had a friend who used to refer to the Salvation Army as "Aunt's Sally's". Your post made me remember that! I have found too that some thrift store prices are above and beyond what you can get elsewhere - I guess you just have to pick and chose.

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