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Grocery store won't take coupons

June 25th, 2006 at 12:11 pm

Okay so it is the cheap chinese grocery store. It is part of a small chain. Fruit and veggies there are cheap cheap cheap. They have meat, fish and lots of "dry goods" too. Most stuff is not stuff I'm familiar with. This is an honest to goodness ethnic supermarket. I'm a nice white WASP girl. I am adventurous to a point...

I go there for cheap produce and tofu products. Today I ran in there for some yogurt. I have chicken thighs that have been in the freezer a bit long and I'm thinking marinade in yogurt for a few hours and then shake and bake. I'd love to hear other ideas though. This is the huge "club" pack. I could do a couple of things with them really now I think about it...

Anyways I go into the store and grab the yogurt. It has a peel and stick coupon on it for 50c off and the cashier refused to take it. Annoying but somehow not surprising. It has neve occured to me to take my coupons in to this store. But come on people. Don't have coupons hanging around on products in the store if you ain't going to accept them.

1 Responses to “Grocery store won't take coupons”

  1. ~Dawn Says:

    I would complain to management in case you have this come up again. They might as well take all the coupons off when the stock the shelves then.

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