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Throwing out Food

June 25th, 2006 at 04:18 pm

GT was visiting and he is always up for helping get my place nicer. He's "born organized" and incredibly neat. I'm not quite that structured in how I do things.

He had noticed a smell from the fridge. In 15 minutes we went through the fridge and I disposed of all foodstuffs that were ick.

I have a chest freezer I'm trying to clear out. I'd like to get a small upright. I've had this freezer for nearly 20 years and I got it used then. It could be well over 35 years old. So time to get my freezer cleaned out.

We threw out of a ton of stuff including two roasts that had best before dates from 2002. I didn't need to check a book to figure that was too old for me to want to eat.

My fridge and freezer look great. I through out the equivalent of 2 packed garbage bags. We actually spread it out over 4 bags cause it is all so heavy.

I feel bad about throwing out food. Waste not want not etc. I feel good now though cause in a sense I am starting over. I can't influence what I did in the past but I can make sure that this is the last time this happens.

I don't know if this is a good thing or not but I put an empty rubbermaid container in the bottom of the freezer. This means I can actually reach all the food. Before I'd go into the freezer and not be able to get anything on the bottom.

1 Responses to “Throwing out Food”

  1. Shannon Revill Says:

    Great blog. Loved reading it.

    If you can afford a new upright freezer I say buy one asap. We also had a 20+ year old chest freezer that we really kept very little in. One day I decided to empty it out and unplug it and I left it unplugged. I couldn't believe the hydro savings. My bill went down $20 a month. No more chest freezer after that.

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