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Cleaned out the Coupon Holder

July 1st, 2006 at 10:11 am

My poor coupon holder. Left it at my BF's for a week. Had it last week and noticed its becoming HEAVY with coupons. It is actually a cheque register with labels over the months and something more useful written written as a description. I have things by cagetory, Meat, Liquid, Condiments, Bathroom Stuff, Cleaning Stuff, Starches (rice pasta bread), Sweet Stuff etc. Non traditional yes, but it works for me!

Anyways I cleaned it out today. All of the May and June coupons are now gone. Its way lighter now. Of course the 75 cents of Reynolds Foil coupons expired yesterday and the $1 each sale started today! Grumble. Always happens.

A chore done for another month! Or two...

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