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Feeling Better - Low Spend Day

July 6th, 2006 at 04:18 pm

My total spending was under $2 - bread from the local "rip off" corner store. But I wasn't up to walking further to get some. And I wanted toast.

Definitely is food poisioning that I had last night. Feeling hung over but otherwise okay today. Was going to go into work but realised I wasn't up to it.Not sleeping most of the night and being ill takes it out of one. I phoned in twice (once to say I'd be in late, and once to say I'm not coming in) and got sympathy rather than anyone upset at me.

I've been putzing around doing some tidying up. Have been really taking it easy but it is surprising how doing 5 minutes here and there and picking up a few things and putting them away (or in the garbage) when I get up adds up after a few hours of doing so.

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