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Didn't buy today - but that was good

July 7th, 2006 at 04:38 pm

I stopped at a local drug store chain to pick up some items on sale I had coupons for - foil and some sponges/scrubby things.

Found the foil, and honestly couldn't remember if I needed it or I was buying to stock up. Never did find the scrubby things.

So I saved a bit of money and walked out of there empty handed.

I need to spend some time thinking about stocking up and how much of it really makes sense for me to do. I don't want, if something should happen, for people to find a 5 year supply of foil and toilet paper. I decent supply is one thing.

Anyways, today I didn't stock up. It wsn't a bad thing. Sales will come again and I'll be more focussed on buying because I need something and not because it is a good deal.

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