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Markdown Coupons

July 22nd, 2006 at 07:35 am

Last couple of shopping visits I've managed to save nicely using coupons that the supermarket has placed on items to get them to go before the best before date. 2 packages of certified angus beef both about $8 less the $5 worth of coupons on them. One steak is in the freezer the other made 3 very tasty meals.

Yesterday morning I wanted to take treats to work. We are moving our work area from one floor to the other and it seemed a good time to bring in something. I was going to buy some regular priced bakery treats when I realised all items on the markdown rack were $1 off and that most expired not that day but the day after - trust me at my office there is no chance of goodies lasting more than a few hours. I found three items I wanted on the markdown shelves although one didn't have a sticker on it. A quick walk back to the bakery counter to ask about it and quick as a wink that item too had a sticker! No fuss or anything from the clerk!

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