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Shoes, shoes and more shoes

July 22nd, 2006 at 03:27 pm

Normally I don't buy shoes. Even if I go into a shoe store I normally walk out empty handed.

Today I bought four pairs of shoes. Ouchies! All were on sale but none were cheap - one pair of Cougar sandals, a pair of naturalizer heels, a pair of hush puppy heels and a pair of not sure who made them shoes!

OMG I'm offically getting OLD. I bought naturalizers

I'm a bit happier. The $50 for that pair of shoes wasn't a bad price compared to a few places I just saw on the web. And they are super comfie. But they better be.

The Hush puppies aren't too old lady like either

Ooh the price I paid for those is less than on the web too! I'm feeling happier now.

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