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body polish

August 5th, 2006 at 08:27 am

I had one of these at the spa - it was wonderful and my skin felt so soft after - for days! At the spa I went to this cost me about $60. This was much much cheaper. Bought the moisturizer and scrub on sale for about $6 total but they last for more than one of these.. maybe cost of each in materials is actually $1 and could be less.

Did one myself this morning. A home done body polish - all you need is body scrub and moisturizer - and a working shower - not sure this would be quite the same if you had a bathtub with no shower.

Set the shower going at a warm but not hot temperature. Before I got into the shower I slathered myself with a nice smelling body polish/scrub. All over, pretty much every place I could reach - had fun getting *that* spot on my back!! Remembered my feet.

Then into the shower (carefully as I had slathered feet) to clean it off and shower etc.

After the shower I dried myself off and then slathered myself in some body lotion!

I feel soft right now! I want to do one of these every week - right now I think I'm managing to do about one a week.

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  1. LittleGopher Says:

    Sounds wonderful!!

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