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Monday Blues

August 22nd, 2006 at 02:44 am

I am coming down with a cold.. actually it has been coming for a few days and has moved solidly into my sinus cavities. Blech.

I am proud of me for doing a number of things today:

- putting away the laundry
- decluttering 5 tops - 4 for garbage and 1 to go to the boyfriend (stains etc.. the garbage ones are garbage)
-putting the celery seed I bought into a spice jar rather than leaving it in a baggy (I've tossed many a random bag of bulk spices in the past as life is too short to deal with old mystery spices)
- setting up the coffee maker for the morning as well as thawing a breakfast pita
-getting my lunch ready for tomorrow so I have it for work
-filing about 10 items
-tossing out about 30 random pieces of paper

My goal for this week is to, every day throw out at least 20 pieces of paper and file at least 10 pieces of paper.

For some reason the more clutter i get rid of the less I need. I love how this works. It is counter intuitive that is for sure.

I'm hoping to limit my "food out" spending tomorrow to the cost of an additional cup of coffee or a coke if for some reason I want one. I can't do a no spend day as I need sweetener.

3 Responses to “Monday Blues”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Wow you are getting a cold and you still got all that done??

    I made my coffee for the morning, am running the dishwasher and put stamps on all my bills to put in the mail tomorrow.

  2. Bookie Says:

    Agree about the effect of clearing clutter. I think in my own case that as I discard I become less fearful of making a mistake. Instead of hanging onto things because "I might need them," I let things go because I probably won't need them. When there aren't any bad consequences, the cycle reinforces itself.

    We move from an mindset of scarcity to one of abundance and so need less to feel safe and satisfied.

  3. fern Says:

    I love the carefree feeling of having less clutter. I started going thru that exercise when i put my house on the market. Circumstances have caused me to change my mind about the house, but i'm still decluttering where i can as i realized when 1/3 of my stuff was boxed up that i didn't miss it at all.

    my tag sale earlier in the year was also a big help in separating the wheat from the chaff.

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