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Spendless Sunday and Precooking

August 28th, 2006 at 02:28 am

Woo Hoo! A no spend day.

Made a Hot Bean Pot dish - had one serving of it and there are 5 more. One if the fridge for this week and the others in the freezer for the next few weeks. I'm going to try to do this every week so I have a store of dishes.

Right now I rely on Lean Cuisine for my lunches. I know they aren't the cheapest even though I do buy them on sale. However still cheaper than eating out. If I make a dish each week that makes 6 servings it won't be long until I have a nice variety of dishes in the freezer and won't need many lean cuisines in the freezer.

It is the right time of year to make a great big batch of stuffed peppers or tomatoes. I might make that next week's project - making some of them vegan so the boyfriend can enjoy some too.

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