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Mealy Bugs 1 Yummy 0

August 29th, 2006 at 05:38 am

After a 3 year battle I tossed out most of my plants this past Sunday. I've been battling mealybugs. Dabbing them with alcohol did nothing. Soap did nothing. Other sprays did nothing, dada zilch. Malathion - which should kill man, beast and any living thing was merely a mealybug treat.

I wasn't very frugal. I tossed most of them out containers and all. To be totally correct I selected the ones to be tossed and my boyfriend did the dirty deed and dumped them down the garbage chute.

While I had a small financial investment in the plants most of it was a time and energy investment.

I kept about 8 plants - two spider plants that seem immune to everything, and some ivy's. I'm going to spray them all in the next few days and then give them a month. Any bugs and I'll have to get rid of all the remaining plants.

A few containers I did keep (some of the smaller ones for my plants at work). I'll need to sterilize them. I don't have a dishwasher and most are plastic. Maybe a nice bleach bath with a couple of cups of bleach and a prewash in insecticide. I have just as large a collection of plants at the office as I have at home. Errr. As I had at home and no way I want those infected.

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