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Some Goals for September

August 31st, 2006 at 12:08 am

While I live in Canada I travel to the US at least once a month as my boyfriend lives in PA. While I'm great with coupons on my home turf I'm trying to become a better consumer when I'm in the states and maximize my savings. These are a couple of my goals for september for some of the "odd things" I want to do to enhance my savings.

- to follow up on at least on of the razor offers I've completed. I keep filling out pages that say they are going to send me a free razor. Intuition, Venus. Schick. I'll be amazed if one every turns up in my mail.

- to complete at least one rebate offer, preferably one in the US and one in Canada for a product I use. Maybe razors even!

-to make a large ALDI shopping list for when i'm next in the states for basics, - cream cheese, milk, pam, sweeetner, etc and to buy said items there. Items where I don't care about brand names.

-To join the Rite Aid savings program for monthly rebates and stuff (there is one on my route home that I found last time that is easy to get to.

Exciting eh?

1 Responses to “Some Goals for September”

  1. Sarah Says:

    The mechanics of saving money are rarely excitng just important. Keep up the good work.

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