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Played with my coupons

September 2nd, 2006 at 04:40 pm

A rainy day, a pile of coupons from you know where.. a perfect marriage. I spent much of the day cleaning up the disaster my coupons had gotten into.

Didn't find any interesting ones. Found lots of expired ones and they are now tossed. The good ones are filed or, in one of the 6 envies for trains I put together. Also put together a few RAOK's for some lucky people.

Now I'm all couponed out - at least untili I go to the store next and SAVE! Woo hoo!

Though I do note now I eat less processed food that there are less coupons that I use. The crappier the food nutrionally the more likely you can get a coupon for it. Sad but true.

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