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Grocery Shopping and Expired Food

December 9th, 2006 at 02:08 pm

One of the things that makes me irritable is going to the grocery store and finding food that is expired or about to expire.

Last night I thought I had done my shopping then realised that I needed 2 other items. So I popped into the grocery store to grab them.

I wasn't impressed by the packed to the gills display of sour cream that had a best before date of December 6th. I know that you can usually use items for a day or so after the best before date but I really don't like a grocery store that displays food that shows they don't manage their inventory well.

I took the minute or two to find someone who works in dairy to let them know and they *said* they'd have it off the shelf ASAP. I didn't hang round to see if they did.

Buying stuff that is expired or will expire in a day or so just adds to my grocery bill. If I am doing to add to the bill I'd prefer to do it with some exotic foodstuffs and not stuff that could make me ill.

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  1. threebeansalad Says:

    Amen! I bought two packages of turkey meat in October. DH ate some from one package and said it tasted weird and threw it away (I didn't eat any so I can't expnad on how weird it tasted). It never crossed my mind to look at the expiration date, but by chance, I happened to notice the expiration date on the unopened package aht was still in the fridge while gettign something else. It expired in JULY!!! ...adn I bought it i October in a major grocery store! Disgusting! This is meat we're talking about! If I fed that meat to a child they could have gotten really sick!!

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