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A Lightfilled Fun Free Night

December 27th, 2006 at 06:08 am

Last night was a fun free night.

I made dinner for my boyfriend and another friend. Quick and easy and tasty. Pasta and clams in a simple garlic oil sauce. Not low calorie but delicious. We had it with some wonderful wine donated to the cause by our friend!

Afterwards we all piled in the car and went to see Christmas lights. We weren't looking for elegant but for overdone and trashy. And we found a few places!. One house we went to had a yard full of lit presents. One box opened and up popped a Merry Christas sign -though had "Its" hand popped out we'd have been happier. We have a strange sense of humour!

Lots of deer out there. Some mechanical, some not. A few snow globes with scenes inside - snowmen, santa, and in cone case a moving merry-go-round with elves on reindeer Smile. Quite a few snowmen around too. Less people have multicoloured lights than I remember from my youth and the flashing strings of lights must be totally passe (or not made anymore).

2 Responses to “A Lightfilled Fun Free Night”

  1. living_in_oz Says:

    Sounds like my kinda fun!

    BTW, there's still a way to make the lights flash, but you're right, nobody seems to do that anymore. DH wanted the lights on the outside of the house to blink, but I told him that it looked tacky. We did, however, use multicolored lights instead of just one color. Only because I got a whole bunch of them on sale for next to nothing last year!

  2. fairy74 Says:

    I love trashy, overdone Christmas lights too! He, he, DH thinks (knows??) I'm a little crazy. One house in our town not only had those inflatables but about 10 of them anchored to the roof and enough lights to guide the martians in from space, it was wild! I wish more people decorated, it's fun to look atSmile

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